Kew Gardens is always worth a visit at any time of year, but the summer months are particularly outstanding.

I had the pleasure of accompanying my youngest on a school trip yesterday to Kew. Having not been for a number of years it never surprises me just how beautiful the gardens are, with image making opportunities at every corner turned.


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Lying just on the outskirts of London and on the edge of the beautifully scenic A406, this urban demolition had been in progress for a number of weeks before I got around to shooting it.

Every time I had passed the site, I knew I had to start working soon before it was gone forever, so over the course of three visits (over the same number of weeks) I set about my task to document the fall of this office icon.

Capturing the most interesting angles at the most visually interesting states of deconstruction, I used close up shots, wide shots and various spanning panoramas to document the building.

Standing for decades on the edge of a duel carriage way. Its last moments, now recorded forever.

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