On a quick walk through Liverpool street’s Broadgate complex last week, I photographed a few views of the new Number five. A complete contrast to what it replaced, with its sharp cutting design lines and 22nd century looks, It most certainly would not appear out of place in science fiction blockbuster!

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CGI Render verses straight photography?

In a nut shell, visually, there isn’t an awful lot of difference. Both look fantastic!
The difference comes in “production turnaround time”. Which eventually filters down to cost…….

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One of my recent studio jobs involved shooting the new SONY e-reader for London based agency BD-network. Shot over the course of a couple of days, we photographed the range’s various color ways and provided initial retouching for the selected shots.

By providing well over forty different variations of color, angles and propping we were able to produce a exciting and comprehensive set of images for SONY’s innovative new e-reader.

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Now this is a very obvious statement. “Don’t let children play with fire”.

I found out today that I’m not the model parent I thought I was when it comes to fire safety when I discovered my eldest boy had accidentally set light to “his” house, that he’d spent the last 4 weekends building in minecraft.

Tears aplenty followed as the realitity of his loss dawned. His creative work had literally gone up in uncontrolable flames.

A life lesson both In cyber space and the real world.



Blockbuster have been at the forefront of home movie rental for many years.

With their new advertising push, we helped create
this winning ad, highlighting the release of the new Spiderman and Batman movies.

The client wanted to capture a whole range of facial emotions that would instantly convey the main movie
genres while also providing a wide choice of images.

With a light hearted approach the images were great
fun to shoot and really portrayed the excitement of
watching a great movie in your own home!

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