RIP. Mrs T.


A very sad day for the Thatcher family today but I’m pleased that I can say, I shot Mrs Thatcher!

Unfortunately this is not my picture of Mrs T but one from the late great Helmut Newton. (Although I’m sure my image was very similar) Sadly lost due to many moves and much file disorganisation.

With an invite to Downing street tucked in my pocket and a very nervous disposition, I trekked off to the home of Mrs T. back in the early 1990’s

For some reason I thought it might just be me and the the Iron lady. How wrong and naive I was.

Along with 15-20 other photographers we were trooped up the grand staircase and into one of the press rooms to meet our formidable sitter.

Mrs T, In control (as you might imagine) from the moment we walked in, gave us a master class of how to deal with the press. Which I still vividly recall today and I’m sure I will be able to tell many times again.

RIP. Mrs T.